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Tanya Eldert

Tanya Eldert opened Eldert Inc in Virginia Beach in 2004. At the time, she had over 20 years of experience marketing for other companies and was ready to raise her daughter and build her own business. Some of her first and best clients were real estate agents who wanted help marketing. Tanya helped them and has spent the last 19 years “in the industry”.
Over the years she has not only done marketing, but she also got her FL License when the family moved to Tampa and has been a broker, broker associate, licensed real estate instructor, and published a book, Agent Systems of Success, that helps agents build their real estate businesses.

Tanya currently owns 2 corporations, a real estate school, several online stores, and a publishing company. In case you couldn’t guess, she has ADHD, but sees that as a brain perk to get everything done and think outside the box. She has also overcome Triple + Breast Cancer in 2020/21, struggled with diabetes for 30+ years, and helps her daughter, who has had Ehlers Danlos, POTS, MCAS and Dysautonomia since she was 13. Living with health challenges has helped her appreciate life and want to leave a legacy of serving others.